The Kabbalah vs. Yeshua the Messiah

The Kabbalah vs. Yeshua the Messiah


We need to understand that there is an awakening towards the Hebraic roots of our faith in Yeshua the Messiah. Yeshua our Messiah was a Hebrew man from the tribe of Judah and lived according to the customs given by Yahweh to His people. This awakening is prophetic, because we are coming closer and closer to a Messianic Kingdom. But, as usual, the enemy wants to come and pervert what Elohim is doing.

It is important to establish that there is a great difference between knowing the Hebraic roots of our faith and the Rabbinic Judaism of today. The Orthodox Rabbinic Judaism of today is based on the teaching of the Torah mixed with traditions and teachings of man. Its teachings are based in the Talmud, which are the oral traditions and rabbinical opinions, as if these were doctrines of Elohim. Those who do not have sufficient knowledge to distinguish the faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob from the traditions of Orthodox Rabbis, find themselves falling in love with a religion instead of with the Messiah.

Where does the Orthodox Rabbinic Judaism that is practiced in Israel come from? It comes fromBabylon. During the exile of Judah in Babylon, they assimilated the Babylonian customs, just like those of us who have many generations in America we have assimilated the American customs.

The danger for the believers who discover their Jewish heritage is when they start seeking the Jewish things of the Jews who don’t have Yeshua the Messiah. By not having Yeshua they don’t have the Holy Spirit who guides us to All Truth. These believers start to connect with orthodox synagogues and open themselves up to their rabbinic teachings of anti-Messiah, including the Jewish Kabbalah and the Zohar.

What is Kabbalah? Kabbalah is Jewish gnosticism and mysticism. Kabbalah tries to explain the Elohim of Israel and His creation through metaphysical characteristics. In order to reach knowledge we need Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Kodesh), who Yeshua Ha Mashiach left for us.

The Jews who returned fromBabylonbrought with them this false teaching.

What does Kabbalah believe in?

-They believe in the Zohar or Book of Splendor with supernatural revelations in addition to the Torah


-Red strips on their wrists and waist to prevent bad/evil energy

-Read verses of the Torah backwards to find hidden meanings

-Read the palm of their hands and lines in the face (divination)

-Consult astrology

-Combine Hebrew letters, repeating them they reach their petitions and protects them from the evil eye.

-Contemplate on the letters to accomplish their wishes.

-Move their heads according to the forms of the letters.

-Light candles and make specific prayers.

-Call on a number of angels. They believe in Metraton, a superior angel. Messianic people whom I know and believe in Kabbalah say that this angel is Yeshua.

-They study Sefirot, which are the 10 divine emanations. There are ten demonic sefirot and ten divine sefirot according to Kabbalah.

-Mystic contemplation – access to the deep regions of the soul.

It is said that the Zohar was written by Rab. Shimon bar Yojai. He was hidden in the mountains ofGalileebecause he was sentenced to death more than 2,000 years ago. Others say that it was Rab. Moises de Leon fromSpainwho brought the Zohar to light after centuries. Moises de Leon lived during the XIII century.

Kabbalah was the way of life for the great Kabbalist of those times like: Moises Cordonero, Shlomo Alkabetz, Yosef Caro, and Moises Luzzat, men who assured that the author of the Zohar was Rab Shimon and not Moises de Leon fromSpain. Many still affirm that in fact it was Moises de Leon who was the biggest Kabbalah leader ofSpain.

Many cities in Spain were tremendously influenced by Kabbalah of Provenza from the south of France and Kabbalah flourished in Spain in the XIII century. It extended to Europe and other countries due to the exile of the Jews fromSpainin the XV century.

Geronawas the center of Kabbalah from where a great number of schools and teachers emerged. Castilla and Toledo became huge centers for the practice of Kabbalah. There are many writings from the teachers of Kabbalah.

A great number of the Jewish population ofSpainwas influenced by these teachings and they mixed the Torah with Kabbalah. It is mentioned that the Spanish Inquisition was a type of curse over the Jews because of the contamination of the Torah of Elohim with mysticism, superstition, astrology and divination.

When the descendants of Jews of Spain were scattered towards the West, they forgot many of these practices. I say many of these practices because if we examine really well the Latin culture we will see a lot of superstition that exists in those who have yet not known the Gospel of our Savior and Redeemer Yeshua Ha Mashiac. Today, a huge percentage of the descendants of the House of Sefarad are saved by the Blood of Yeshua Ha Mashiac and they have come to know the Way, the Truth and the Life.

But, just as Kabbalah rose up in Spain, it wants to rise up again in the descendants who seek their Hebraic roots now. Kabbalah is not the faith of the patriarchs or the apostles. In Galatians 3:1 Paul warns about who had fascinated them to not believe in the truth. In Galatians 1:6-8 Paul declares: I am marveled that you have so soon left the one who called you by the grace of Christ to follow a different Gospel…  There are those who want to pervert the Gospel of Jesus Christ….. If an angel form heaven would announce a different Gospel from the one we’ve announce to you, be anathema!

What is that Gospel? The Kabbalah brought fromBabylon, for we have to realize that none of the denominations that exist today existed back then, not even the Catholic Church. Therefore, they were speaking about another doctrine that was circulating amongst them. This doctrine was so fascinating that it was stronger than the faith in the Messiah and they could not leave it. We can surely understand who is behind all this. I know people who are already fascinated with this “other gospel” and it is like a veil which they refuse to remove.

Brothers and sisters, as you are learning about your Hebraic roots, pray and be filled with the Holy Spirit who guides us to All Truth. Let’s not fall to another gospel and finish being anathemas. When we remain in the Presence of God and the false wants to come, we will recognize it.

Let’s not confuse this beautiful move of the restoration of the foundation of the Hebraic roots of our faith with the Orthodox Jews nor with the Kabalistic practices that the majority practices. Let’s pray so that their veil could be removed, but let us beware not to put one on ourselves.

Maria Marty
ABBA Worldwide Ministries

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